Peritec - LabVIEW - TestStand - Official authorized distributor of NI in Vietnam

Cooperation with NI (National Instruments)

Peritec is the official authorized distributor of NI products in Vietnam.

Peritec consults customers on LabVIEW, TestStand, and NI products in Vietnam.

As NI's unique Platinum Alliance Partner in the ASEAN region and the largest number of certified LabVIEW developers in Vietnam, Peritec provides technical solutions for measurement, testing, and automation using LabVIEW and other technologies. of NI. Peritec has more than 30 years of experience using NI's platform with more than 4000 successful projects, especially for Japanese partners and customers.

Peritec conducts courses according to international standards of NI such as LabVIEW Core 1, LabVIEW Core 2, LabVIEW Core 3, and Developing Machine Vision Systems with Vision Builder AI.

Industry Certification

NI Partner System Integration - Platinum Partner
NI Partner SystemLink - Platinum Partner
NI Partner RF and Wireless - Platinum Partner
Certificated Professional Instructor
Certified LabVIEW Developer